Lethbridge businesses work together to entice Christmas shoppers


Lethbridge shops are rallying to bring more business to local hot spots during the Christmas season with a holiday incentive program.

The Santa’s Circle initiative has more than 30 local businesses offering discounts or treats for consumers who choose to shop at three or more Lethbridge businesses this Christmas season.

John Pyska, owner of Big John’s Books, says other businesses involved are enthusiastic.

“People were extremely excited about doing it,” he said.

“We’ve even had people who weren’t invited ask to be part of it.”

Pyska said the response from shoppers has also been positive.

“In the last little while, we’ve been seeing a huge amount of people who want to support local,” he said. 

“And we were trying to give people an idea of where to go [and] how to do it. It’s been really heartening to see how many people want to be a part of it.”

With holiday shoppers already moving through local hot spots, Pyska said he believes the season could serve as a way to remind people of what Lethbridge and the downtown area have to offer year-round.