Cuts By Medium Rare: Edmonton’s Newest Burger Joint with a Mission


Cuts by Medium Rare officially launches in Edmonton on December 12. The establishment is an offshoot of the Medium Rare Carnivore Club, which combines a dine-in eatery with a high-end butcher shop.

The Medium Rare Carnivore Club was born out of owners Vyshakhi Kashinath and Shalu Prasad's desire to provide customers with Alberta’s best steaks and an exquisite dining experience. Medium Rare achieve that dream in style, combining top-quality cuts immersed into a gourmet burger concept prepared by high-level chefs in a welcoming environment. Vyshakhi and Shalu are hoping to heighten the experience of diners in Alberta by introducing them to quality and affordable steak made with the finest meats, In addition to the tantalizing menu, you’re welcome to a sumptuous, upscale environment that exudes fine dining with a unique twist. 

The Medium Rare concept is strictly farm-to-dine. This allows them to source the best local meat working with local farmers and meat suppliers in Alberta to ensure quality ingredients at the best price point—ranking it as one of Edmonton’s favourite steakhouses. If you’re thinking of hosting a barbeque party or just need some premium raw meat cuts, they offer the perfect outlet for any occasion with customized experiences to fit your needs.

While steak is of course Medium Rare’s trademark, guests can enjoy a variety of other meals with high-end options such as lobster, salmon, and seafood, all paired with a fine wine or an array of craft beer, including local microbrew, domestic standards, and foreign favourites.

Born out of the same family of premium steakhouses that have received rave reviews, the new will be located at the premium outlet mall, Leduc, offering customers a rich menu of burgers laced with local, high-end meat. For more adventurous or indulgent eaters, Cuts by Medium Rare serves choice Australian, American, Japanese, and Alberta Wagyu burgers that will eclipse anything you have ever tasted before.

Vyshakhi Kashinath and Shalu Prasad, alongside their team, have put a lot of effort into thinking about how to support Alberta and western Canada’s farming community, especially farmers who ensure humane care for the animals they raise.

On launch, Cuts by Medium Rare will offer a meat-filled gourmet burger menu which is built from scratch and sure to delight enthusiastic carnivores and all-round gourmands alike.

Vyshakhi Kashinath and Shalu Prasad, are inviting Albertans to partake in a unique selection of premium meat-laced gourmet burgers, trimmed and prepared to scrumptious delight. The menu draws from global inspiration while infusing a unique blend of passion, family, and a genuine love for food. Patrons can complement their meals with fresh salads and decadent desserts that will leave you wanting more.

Kashinath explains her choice of fusing cuisine and community building: “It has always been one of my goals to give back to the community by leading the way in helping marginalized and underrepresented sectors on one hand while also redefining the standards in the restaurant market on the other.”

The Medium Rare Carnivore Club celebrates the finest choice cuts of meat in a unique way; it was created to not only step up Edmonton’s fine dining game but to do it in a way that breaks boundaries. The Medium Rare Carnivore Club empowers women and children specifically to take leadership roles in the Canadian dining experience.

With Cuts by Medium Rare now launching its first outlet, it is bound to be more than just a passion project but an unforgettable food experience for both neutrals and lovers of quality meat cuts and gourmet burgers.

So, mark your calendars and make your reservations to be among the first in line to experience premium in-house dining featuring the best Canada has to offer when it comes to gourmet burgers at Edmonton’s Cuts by Medium Rare.