The Vax Is Human Sacrifice – Dr. Zev Zelenko


Dr Zev Zelenko is a Ukrainian-born Orthodox Jewish family physician known for publishing an open letter to President Donald Trump on March 23, 2020, where he claimed to have successfully treated hundreds of his COVID-19 patients with a 5 day course of his three-drug cocktail of hydroxychloroquine, zinc sulphate and azithromycin that he promoted as the “Zelenko Protocol”.

The Zelenko Protocol gained notoriety with several media figures and various Trump administration officials promoting it, including Rudy Giuliani and White House chief of staff Mark Meadows.

In early August, 2021, Dr Zelenko testified before an Israeli Rabbinical court that the majority of those “vaccinated” (which is over 80% of the Israeli population) will likely be dead within 3 years.

Dr Zelenko joins Sean at the SGT Report today with his serenely deadpan analysis of the horror show that we are living, with a message that is at once uplifting, inspirational and calming. He believes that the current onslaught of evil is precipitating a transformative, redemptive event; that we are being given a wonderful opportunity to turn away from the Bad and to live in a God-conscious way and the opportunity to look at “life and death as the proximity to the source of life”.

He begins by saying that the Globalists have run a psychological operation against humanity to induce global psychosis, saying, “There is an attempt by a few people to pathologically scare the innocent masses and have them become co-dependent on the government and human beings, other than God. It’s a war against God, ultimately.”

He describes being a family physician in Upstate NY during the initial outbreak of COVID and how prayer led him to a video about zinc ionophores and he soon began testing zinc with his patients, whose health quickly improved. After writing an open letter to Trump about this success with his patients, he was contacted by Mark Meadows, who put him through to the NIH, where he says he hit a brick wall.

However, Trump publicly endorsed the Zelenko Protocol and a podcast the doctor later did with Rudy Giuliani went viral, after which he says, “My life has never been the same.”

Trump’s endorsement during an election year led to the unprecedented politicization of hydroxychloroquine, a safe essential medicine with a 60+ year track record when New York Governor Cuomo, who Dr Zelenko refers to as “The Ghoul” blocked COVID patients from having access to the drug.

Dr Zelenko then found a work-around, using quercetin and vitamin C, which together form a potent zinc delivery system and which he also calls “The cure for tyranny.”