Here are the best national parks for camping in Alberta


Camping season is in full swing, and a new list ranks Alberta as the prime spot to visit a national park and get your camp on.

The ranking was compiled by Must Do Canada, using a Canada National Parks Camping Index.

The best national park camping spots in Alberta include:

1. Jasper National Park

Jasper National Park snagged the top spot nationally thanks to its 11 designated campgrounds, 39 designated hiking trails and a massive area extending over 11,000 square kilometres.

2. Banff National Park

Banff National Park followed suit, boasting 12 designated campgrounds, with 94 designated hiking trails and a park size of more than 6,600 square kilometres.

3. Waterton Lakes National Park

Next up is Waterton Lakes National Park, holding 12 designated campgrounds, 29 designated hiking trails and a modest park size of just over 500 square kilometres.

4. Wood Buffalo National Park

Wood Buffalo National Park landed on the list thanks to its one designated campground, nine designated hiking trails and a massive park size of nearly 45 thousand square kilometres, making it the largest national park in Canada.

Here’s how Alberta’s most popular national park camping locations compared to the rest of Canada:

1. Jasper National Park2. Banff National Park3. Waterton Lakes National Park4. Prince Albert National Park5. Yoho National Park6. Riding Mountain National Park7. Kootenay National Park8. Glacier National Park9. Bruce Peninsula National Park10. Wood Buffalo National Park

The other national parks to crack the top 10 were located in Saskatchewan, British Columbia, Ontario, and Manitoba.