Alberta is sinking



There is a boat, The Alberta, that is way way out on the lake. It has run out of gas for its motor. The engine has stopped.

The Covid, the loss of traditional oil business and other winds are blowing hard, waves are getting higher .

The Alberta is taking on water and beginning to sink.

There are bailing containers in The Alberta but people on the boast are refusing to bail out the water.

“We have never had to bail and were not doing it now.”

The Alberta continues to sink.

There are oars in The Alberta. The people refuse to paddle,

“We have never had to paddle our own canoes ” say the people.” We were given oil by God so we don’t have to paddle.”

The Alberta continues to sink

Captain JK says he has a solution, he drills holes in the bottom of the boat to let the water out.

The Alberta continues to sink.

We may not want to pay a sales tax but it looks like the only sure method of keeping Alberta afloat.