Cor Van Raay donates $100,000 to YMCA of Lethbridge


LETHBRIDGE, AB – The YMCA of Lethbridge has received a major financial boost.

Cor Van Raay presented a gift of $100,000 earlier this week on Giving Tuesday. The Y’s Director of Marketing and Communications, Ross Jacobs, said the money will go towards the Strong Kids Fund.

The YMCA program helps subsidize local families who want to become members.

“At the old YMCA, we subsidized about 150 families and since moving to the new Y here on the west side at the Cor Van Raay YMCA, we’re helping over 950 families currently,” Jacobs told LNN.

“That’s at multiple different levels and depending on the individual families needs and their ability, we have subsidized programs, we have subsidized memberships and then we also have access to subsidized training and leadership.”

He said that there’s a financial cost that comes with subsidizing programming and “at its core, the YMCA is a non-profit organization”.

“We really rely on our donors and the amazing donors like Cor Van Raay – in this case – to help us help others,” he added.

“Cor heard there was a need and he stepped up to the plate. It’s amazing to see this man continue to give and when I spoke to him about the donation, he said ‘Ross, I just want people to be able to live longer [and] happier lives’. I thought that was really profound – that he felt over his many years as a YMCA member that it’s helped him live longer and live healthier and through his donation, he’s going to help others achieve that same thing and that’s amazing. It’s good to see at this time of year.”