The most EVIL corporations of 2019


(Natural News) It’s been a big year for corporate censorship, fraud, perversion, and corruption. A whole slew of tech giants, drug companies, big box retailers, and fast food chains grabbed headlines in 2019 for bending over backwards in proud support of deranged leftists and their many special interests, causes and agendas – and we’d like to highlight these entities below in order to publicly shame them.

The following is a recap of the worst “politically correct” offenders this past year, all of which deserve a dishonorable mention for the respective roles they played in silencing free speech, indoctrinating children into sexual filth, manipulating government agencies and officials, and all-around promoting evil and the continued downfall of our once great nation.

Google, YouTube and Ascension: An unholy trifecta of surveillance and privacy invasion

Arguably the worst offender of all is Google, which committed so many crimes against humanity in 2019 that it’s difficult to list them all. Early on in the year, it was reported that Google secretly records the private conversations of Android users without their permission or consent.

It was also revealed that Google has partnered up with communist China to construct an artificial intelligence (AI) control grid, complete with auto-blacklisting and auto-demonetization of those deemed enemies of the state.

More recently, Google also partnered up with a company known as Ascension to implement an Orwellian scheme known as “Project Nightingale” that involves sweeping up the private health records of millions of Americans.

This is in addition to all of the political censorship, search results manipulation, shadow-banning, and other anti-First Amendment policies that Google has implemented all throughout the year 2019 in anticipation of the 2020 presidential election.

Apple loves transgenders, hates Christians, and rejects all forms of climate skepticism

One of Google’s runners-up, Apple similarly cracked down on free speech in 2019, banning Natural News and other independent news outlets from its Apple News service on the grounds that their climate articles contain information that’s “rejected by the scientific community.”

When it’s not worshiping at the feet of transgenders and targeting Christians and others who oppose the transgender indoctrination of children, Apple is catering to pedophiles and child pornographers, whose egregious online activities apparently don’t violate Apple’s “terms of service.”

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Twitter thought it would be a great idea to hire a psy-op government agent and propagandist to police people’s tweets

Just like Google, YouTube, and Apple, Twitter believes that free speech only applies to beliefs and viewpoints that align with the deep state, hence why the company hired on an active officer in the British Army’s 77th Brigade, a unit of the British military that’s dedicated to “online warfare and psychological operations.”