Communist Chinese tech giant TikTok suspends girl’s account for talking about detention camps, just like Facebook and Twitter are doing to users trying to expose deep state child trafficking


(Natural News) A 17-year-old girl recently had her TikTok account temporarily suspended after she dared to talk about Chinese detention camps in a makeup tutorial video she uploaded to the Chinese-owned social media site.

Feroza Aziz was in the process of showing her followers how to use an eyelash curler when she began to talk about the horrific conditions at the many Muslim internment camps located throughout China, which is the world’s largest communist dictatorship.

As we’ve also reported, Uyghur Muslims who live in China are routinely persecuted for their religious beliefs, which clash with the Chinese government’s atheistic views.

“Hi guys, I made a video about the situation in China with how the government is capturing the Uyghur Muslims and placing them into concentration camps,” Aziz wrote in the caption on her video, as well as two other related videos about the same topic, all of which were posted both to TikTok and to Instagram.

“Once you enter these camps, you’re lucky if you get out,” she added. “Innocent humans are being murdered, tortured, raped, receiving shock therapy, and so much more that I can’t even describe.”

Aziz went on to explain that what’s taking place in China against Uygher Muslims amounts to genocide, and that the communist Chinese government is “getting away with it” because not enough people in the general public are aware of these horrific crimes against humanity.”

“We can’t be another failed generation of ‘what could’ve, should’ve, would’ve,'” Aziz warned her followers. “We are strong people. We can do this. Only if we try.”