Doctors for COVID Ethics


Australian Dr. Paul Oosterhuis needs our help. He is seeking signatories to a petition to defend his right to speak openly about COVID-19 without government intimidation

Dr. Oosterhuis is facing a Medical Board hearing on Friday Sep 3rd for sharing evidence and opinion contrary to the official line on COVID-19. The petition supporting his right to speak truthfully as as doctor is open to the general public, doctors, scientists and organisations, to help Paul defend the right of all doctors to offer their honest and informed medical opinions, and to share evidence and information, without government reprisals. 

Paul, who has over thirty years’ experience, including 20 in critical care and resuscitation, writes:

The Medical Board of NSW is now using intimidation, threatening doctors like myself, who share data which questions the official narrative. I don’t believe that censorship is compatible with good science and good medicine, and I believe that it needs to stop now, in the name of public health and public interest.

I would be very grateful if you could help to support me in my effort to inform as many as possible about their true health choices. My hearing is in a matter of days.

While I wish I did not have to defend my right to speak truthfully as a doctor, the song and video below captures my attitude to fighting for that right. I hope you enjoy it.

With my most sincere thanks,

Dr. Paul Oosterhuis


I Will Not be Leaving Quietly